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Corporate PR - Examples


Your company and the media
Media reports about your company either do not exist at all or are imprecise. We help you in getting precise coverage.


Pressure on prices and from the competitors

Your product or service is under pressure ? both on prices and from the competition. A new communications strategy makes you the leading voice of your line of business to the public.


Your line of business has public demands

We develop the media strategy for your line of business, ensuring that the media publicly support your position.


You are about to take over the top position in a company. Your appearances in-and outside the company are to be flawless.

We support you in formulating your statements and maximizing their impact on media, associations, and politicians.


Your enterprise/trust is to be listed
In cooperation with your ban and yourself we develop a communications strategy, arrange your media contacts, and write brochures and press releases succeeding in maximum placement.


You don’t care for publicity and are annoyed about what media are reporting about you

We show you how to minimize your media presence while at the same time setting the record right.


Product placement
You want to get products or services known. We get the media to report on them.


Brand placement
You want to introduce a new brand to the market. We develop and execute a low-cost, credible PR strategy.


Brand policy
You want to raise your brand’s customer awareness. After a detailed analysis we show you the most promising and cost effective way.