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How we do it


Consulting for industry, institutions, banks, and associations

We develop PR- and lobbying strategies, organize press briefings and information events, write press releases and arrange face-to-face meetings with journalists, politicians, and opinion leaders, making sure that your message will be heard and reported by the media.


Some recent examples:



  • Within 24 months we increased the media presence of a banking group by 80 percent and its public awareness by more than 10 percent.


  • We developed and successfully executed the PR-strategy for Austria’s largest private industrial group.


  • The introduction of a US trusts on the European continent we organized under PR leadership. Public awareness soared from near to zero to more than 60 percent within 18 months. The costs were less than a twentieth of a comparable advertising campaign.


  • We carried out the communications for the restructuring of MEL by the Citi Bank Group and Gazit Globe as advisor for the investor.


  • We doubled the media presence of a well-known trade fair organizer.


  • By organizing “the world’s longest laid out table” we catapulted our client, the  Initiative Table Culture”, into the international media and the Guinness Book of Records.


  • Within two years we built up  market awareness and credibility for a previously unknown brand.


  • We accompanied the concentration of production sites of a globally leading brand manufacturer.


  • We made a new investment product known to the market.


  • Dr. Bauer PR has developed the strategic concept for raising media presence for the Committee for the Capital Market.


  • Banks use our instruments for marketing investment funds and securities.




With one Euro PR budget we gain for our clients at least one Euro, often five, and sometimes up to 20 Euros advertising value.